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Our Policies

We wish for all of our guests to have the best experience possible at our winery. Please read the 8 Chains North policies and procedures regarding groups, dogs, kids, and transportation so you know what to expect and can make the most of your visit.

Things to Know

read the 8 chains north policies regarding groups, kids, and dogs
  • Groups of 9 or more require reservations. See which option is right for your group.
  • Groups should be well-behaved and not unruly; we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone appearing intoxicated
  • Arrive at the scheduled time or risk losing the tasting time
  • Be prepared to show ID
  • Outside non-plattered/non-catered food is permitted
  • We do not allow outside alcohol on the property
  • We reserve the right to check all backpacks, coolers, and picnic baskets

We love seeing your happy dog’s face and wagging tail when you visit. 8 Chains North has been enthusiastically dog-friendly since we opened our doors.

  • All dogs must be under the immediate control of their person
  • Keep dogs on leash at all times except in the dog park
  • Only bring licensed and vaccinated dogs wearing all legally required tags
  • Dogs should “do their business” in the dog park; deposit pet waste in the provided receptacle
  • Aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs will result in being asked to leave the winery
  • We do not allow excessive barking, even in the dog park
  • Do not allow dogs on furniture, or serve dogs food/water using utensils/vessels for people
  • We only allow service dogs in our event spaces (the Compass Rose Room and Vine Room), so please do not bring dogs with you for large group tastings or private events
  • Dogs are not permitted on the Deck

During warm weather, dogs may not be left in your vehicle on our property if the temperature is 70º F or higher. 8 Chains North will call Animal Control if we see a dog in a car who might be in danger of heatstroke.


For some, visiting local wineries is a family affair, and we welcome your well-behaved children. We appreciate your understanding that while we want to remain family-friendly, we are first and foremost an alcohol establishment for adult enjoyment and, as such, it is important for us to ensure our adult guests have the best experience possible.

  • Children must be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times—in the Tasting Room and outside
  • They should use “indoor voices” and exhibit “restaurant behavior”
  • Children may play our corn hole (accompanied by a parent) or bring quiet activities to enjoy at your table. We offer a selection of games that you are welcome to borrow
  • We are not a public park and do not allow ball games, Frisbee, and other activities that involve running on the grounds, fence-climbing, or that result in loud voices
  • The Vine Room and Deck are 21+. No children of any age, including infants.
  • All groups arriving by limousine or bus must have advance reservations
  • The winery accommodates large-capacity vehicles and we encourage groups to use them
  • If you need transportation recommendations, call us on 571.439.2255
  • No party buses